We're proud to welcome you in our newly renovated and modern store. New furniture in most departments allows for a greater variety of products! Francis Vallée et François Blais, owners

Story behind Marché Vallée

Marché Vallée started in the 1950s with a small butchery and slaughterhouse belonging to Mr. Ernest Lessard. The butchery turned into a small shop a few years later and since then, it has seen several owners including Julien Vallée, who owned the Market for 45 years. Today, Francis Vallée and François Blais are the happy owners of Marché Richelieu Vallée.

Francis Vallée has been a grocer since he was a student. Even after 43 years in the profession, he is still focused on making sure every client is satisfied with their visit. He believes that human contact with his staff and clients is important.

François Blais began his career in 2004 as a cashier and butcher’s assistant. He’s developed a passion for his profession and has even completed his training to become a butcher. He’s been working at Marché Vallée for the past 16 years and he is proud to be part of the team as an owner. Just like Francis, he’s thrilled to witness the special relationships that have been forged between employees and clients. The team’s cheerfulness and clients’ satisfaction make these owners proud.


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What’s new

  • New display racks, new floor and lighting
  • New fruits and vegetables table
  • New fridges for ready-to-eat meals, dairy, craft beers, and beverages
  • Larger beer room
  • Modern store décor


  • Fresh-cut fruits and vegetables
  • Première Moisson products
  • Fresh to Go ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook meals
  • Rotisserie chicken
  • Products from our Selection and Irresistibles brands
  • Pizzas prepared on site