Add a Little love for great private label products at great prices, all made with you in mind.

We think food should be fun and want you to Add a Little something extra special each day. Whether you are adding a little artisan to your appetite, a little gluten-free goodness to your palate or a little deep dish delight to your repertoire, our team of experts craft delicious products that always Add a Little something more.

So Add a Little more quality ingredients, flavourful finds, exceptional value, and a lot more ME time.

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Add a Little extra value in every meal

Go ahead and Add a Little love for great products at great prices! Add a Little more for your money and a little budget friendly to your day. And while you're at it, Add a Little wow what a deal! In fact, go ahead and add a LOT of savings without any compromise.

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Add a Little inspiration to every occasion

Are you ready to Add a Little extra indulgence with every occasion? Whether you want to Add a Little love with our delicious locally sourced ice cream or a little healthy berry goodness with our frozen mixed berries, or even Add a Little ME time with our yummy cheesecake, our Irresistibles products deliver on their promise of being truly Irresistibles!

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Add a Little more flavour to all your healthy choices

At LifeSmart, we bring you high-quality products that are as good for your body as they are delicious, with a little more of the ingredients you want, like protein, vitamins and nutrients, and less of what you don't want, like salt, sugar, gluten or pesticides-healthy choices without compromising on taste. Now that's smart!

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