The Fournier family is proud to welcome you in a renovated store with a brand new decor and many new features in each department.

The family history of Marché L. Fournier

The story begins in 1962 when Lorenzo Fournier, Aurel Fournier and Louisette Côté bought the business from Lorenzo's boss. The business was in a private house of about 32' x 32'. The grocery store was in the basement of the house. There was a butcher shop, a cold room, dry food and fruits and vegetables among others. To maximize space, the canning was stored in drawers in the basement. A little later, Lorenzo, Aurel and Louisette increased the offer on the second floor by taking the double living room and a room. The groceries were then on the second floor to activate the sale. They also made several additions to the front and back of the house. Around 10 years later, Mr. Fournier built a building for the market. A little later, he expanded the house by buying the neighbor's land. Today, it is on this land that you will find the Marché L. Fournier where the owner is still present, as well as his children, working with him. M. Lorenzo Fournier sold the market to his son Daniel in the late 90's. Lorenzo and Louisette are now retired, but still go to work at the business regularly. The children of Daniel Fournier and Martine Gagné come to help their parents at the market, despite their outside work and studies.

Our news and services offered

What’s new

More than 350 new products in our departments!

  • Fruits and vegetables
    • New table featuring pre-cut fruits and vegetables
  • Bakery
    • New bread display
    • New dessert table
    • Greater selection of products
    • New Première Moisson products
  • Meat
    • New service area for clients who want gourmet cuts separate from the area for clients who want our regular high-quality meats
  • Grocery
    • Walk-in freezer featuring a selection of decadent frozen desserts
    • New counter for dairy products featuring more new items
    • New layout to improve the shopping experience
    • Several new products to meet our clients’ needs
  • Decor
    • Fresh coat of paint on walls and new flooring
    • New equipment
    • New lighting


  • Phone orders available for everyone
  • Delivery service with fees, or free delivery for senior citizens
  • Lottery tickets for sale
  • Meat and deli counter
  • Express caterer
  • Ready-to-eat meals
  • Sushi prepared in store
  • Casserole dishes
  • Quick hot meals, BBQ