Quebec know-how showcased on your plate!

When you think of buying local, odds are you'll think of fresh tomatoes, delicious apples, and colourful squash that feature so prominently on store shelves. But did you know that in addition to fresh vegetables and fruits grown by local producers, your Marché Richelieu has a variety of Quebec foods and products you can add to your cart?

Get inspired!

It's easy to give Quebec foods a special spot on your menu! Don't know where to begin? Why not prepare your favourite mac and cheese recipe with one or more Quebec cheeses?

Cheeses proudly made in Quebec will definitely add a gourmet touch to your culinary creations!

While you’re at it, serve your meal with a local beer or wine from among our wide selection. Whether you prefer beers with a hint of citrus, a roasted brew, or a fine or full-bodied wine, you'll be delighted by our huge selection of products.

Buying local is easy!

There are so many reasons to buy local:

  1. to encourage the local economy;
  2. for environmental reasons;
  3. to discover the skills of local producers;
  4. to enjoy fresh products, etc.

Buying local has a major positive impact on your community! In addition to helping create more jobs, it's also an easy way to support Quebec companies.

Speaking of freshness, head to the nearest Marché Richelieu and pick up a fresh Première Moisson baguette! Proudly made by a local company founded in 1992, these baguettes are always available and as fresh as the ones at your favourite bakery! Add them to your grocery cart and you’ll be enjoying a taste of Quebec.

Learn to spot Quebec foods

Your Marché Richelieu is proud to showcase myriad local companies and producers.

Keep an eye open because your Marché Richelieu offers an impressive selection of Quebec foods:

  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Eggs and fine charcuterie
  • Seafood (depending on the store)
  • Dairy products and cheeses
  • Baked goods

You'll be surprised at how easy it is to eat local!

Fresh and delicious… all year long!

Yes, it is possible to find fresh fruits and vegetables grown locally! Boston lettuce, green cabbage, rutabaga, yellow onions, potatoes, greenhouse tomatoes, and apples are available year-round.

Marché Richelieu, your day-to-day market

Whether you're looking for provisions for a family dinner, a romantic meal, weekday lunches, or happy hour, your Marché Richelieu has everything you need!

Take advantage of your next visit to add a few Quebec products in your grocery cart and share them with loved ones!