The Marché has been completely renovated to provide you with an improved shopping experience and a wider selection of products. I look forward to seeing you in store! Jacques Roy, Board Chair and Maryse Bisson, Store Manager

The fantastic history of the neighbourhood's Marché COOP!

One of the four grocery stores in Saint-Léon-de-Standon was purchased by Mr. Couture in 1972. The shop was located in the heart of the village and was easily accessible for residents. When the demand increased, Mr. Couture purchased a new lot at the entrance of the village where he built a new grocery store in 1991. This was transferred to Mr. Bernard and Ms. Couture, the children of Mr. Couture. In 2018, the village’s board of directors decided to create a coop in collaboration with a group of citizens in order to purchase the grocery store and keep it a local business. The Coop became the owner of the store in March 2020 and built a gas station next door. This purchase has also allowed them to completely renovate the store. Today, residents are thrilled to be able to count on Marché Richelieu Coop des Méandres for their local purchases.


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What’s new

  • New decor
  • New service counter and coffee dispenser
  • Fruits and vegetables section: new table for more variety
  • Bakery: new displays to increase the selection of Première Moisson pastries and products
  • Ready-made meals section: new fridges and table to increase the offer
  • Wine section: new fridges and layout
  • Beer section: new fridges and doors to access the cold room
  • Meat and fish section: new six-door freezer
  • New store layout to provide more space for fresh products


  • Butcher and charcuterie service counter
  • Telephone order service